• Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

    Mr. Houston is has been riding motorcycles since he bought his first in 1974 with money he made mowing lawns. He understands the thrill and the beneficial economics of riding. However, injuries from motorcycle accidents are often the worst injuries imaginable in a traffic accident. Mr Houston has successfully prosecuted several motorcycle claims. For example, in one case, Mr. Houston overcame the only two eye witnesses, which were adverse to the motorcyclist, by performing his own accident reconstruction analysis to convince the insurance adjuster to pay a significant amount of the insurance company limits on a serious injury claim.

    Be careful though as there are short deadlines that can apply.  For instance, if a governmental entity or agency is involved, a deadline as short or shorter than 45 days from the date of the injury  can apply.  If not met, missing such deadlines can bar your claim. Mr. Houston gives free consultations.

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